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In the process of building a monitoring and analytics platform that ingests trillions of data points a day, Datadog has learned many lessons about scalable, distributed systems in the cloud. We'd like to share those experiences with our community in this series: "Datadog on..."

Each episode will offer a conversation with the engineers who build Datadog. They'll share real-world experiences architecting, building, operating, and monitoring modern systems giving you actionable information you can apply at your organization. With plenty of time left for Q&A, we'd like you to join the discussion.

Upcoming Episodes

Datadog on Kubernetes Node Management

October 10, 2023

Adrien Trouillaud, David Benque and Ara Pulido

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Datadog, the observability platform used by thousands of companies, runs on dozens of self-managed Kubernetes clusters in a multi-cloud environment, adding up to tens of thousands of nodes, or hundreds of thousands of pods. This infrastructure is used by a wide variety of engineering teams at Datadog, with different feature and capacit...

Past Episodes

Datadog On Maintaining eBPF at Scale

September 27, 2023

Valeri Pliskin, Guy Arbitman and Andrew Krug


Datadog on Mobile Software Development

August 22, 2023

Xavier Gouchet, Maciek Grzybowski and Ara Pulido


Datadog on WebRTC

May 31, 2023

Brandon West, Jason Thomas and Brad Carter



Andrew Krug headshot

Andrew Krug

Head of Security Advocacy

Ara Pulido headshot

Ara Pulido

Staff Developer Advocate

Brandon West headshot

Brandon West

Advocacy Team Lead

Kirk Kaiser headshot

Kirk Kaiser

Developer Evangelist

Théo Guidoux headshot

Théo Guidoux

Software Engineer, Threat Detection

Adrien Trouillaud headshot

Adrien Trouillaud

Engineering Manager, Node Lifecycle